Greetings traveler, welcome to my blog.

Here I mainly blog stuff that relates to my interests. Which mainly include Marvel and random Video Games.

Current game(s) I'm playing:


    • Cullen: Ha! I'm about to wi - INQUISITOR! *knocks over chess board* *knocks down table* *flips chair* *stumbles on game pieces* *falls over already knocked over table* INQUISI - *falls over
  • spikespiegell:

    *hears one second of sound from a lotr movie* are you watching lord of the rings

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  • Past the idea of right and wrong is a field. When the soul lies in that grass the world is in balance… I will meet you there.

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  • tispeculiar:

    Iron Bull - Also what looks like a Reaver ability

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  • visovari:

    Hawke at ~1:38 in “The Inquisitor & Followers,” fighting side-by-side with Sera and Dorian

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  • tispeculiar:

    "stop talking like you’re waiting for applause"

    "What? There’s no applause?"

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